CandW discuss Comcast Fox bid, Netflix movies, ad values

May 24, 2018

Comcast is preparing an all-cash offer for Fox, though it's not clear what the company will get out of the deal. ACSI says consumers aren't impressed with SVOD movies. Netflix is trying to fix the problem. Ad professionals say they won't pay much more for ads if TV programmers reduce ad loads, which seems to defy the basic rules of economics. 


CandW discuss AT&T and Amazon’s expanding video influence

May 17, 2018

AT&T will add yet another online TV service to its ever-expanding suite of video options. New research suggests that most subs for Showtime, Starz and HBO SVOD services come from Amazon Channels. Danish SVOD users air their complaints about their service choice.


CandW discuss explosive connected TV growth

May 10, 2018

New research shows that connected TV use grew 75% between 2016 and 2017. With Roku's impressive Q1 2018 and possible help from Apple, the TV looks to keep on growing. 


CandW discuss why there is growth ahead for vMVPDs

May 3, 2018

There’s plenty of reasons to believe vMVPDs like Sling TV and Hulu Live have plenty of room for growth. We discuss some of the good things happening that are enabling that growth.


CandW discuss Comcast and AT&T’s contrasting video strategies

April 26, 2018

Comcast's Q1 results show a loss in video subscribers for the fourth quarter in a row. ATT, with the help of DirecTV Now, actually gained subs. Is it time for Comcast to launch a vMVPD service?


CandW discuss Netflix Q1 2018 and Amazon-BestBuy frenemy alliance

April 19, 2018

Netflix had another stellar quarter in Q1 2018, and we discuss why. Amazon and BestBuy are partnering on smart TVs. We look at why the two retail foes are working together.


CandW discuss NAB 2018 highlights

April 12, 2018

NAB 2018 was a hotbed of discussion as the television industry adjusts to the connected world of video. New solutions and insights flowed freely, coming from the conference sessions to the show floor. We discuss the highlights of our conference stay.


CandW discuss the disc player demise and impact on broadband caps

April 5, 2018

The demise of Oppo Digital shows how far the market has moved away from physical video discs. However, the move is also pushing many dangerously close to their broadband data caps.


CandW discuss why Hulu knows something that the movie industry does not

March 29, 2018

Steven Spielberg and the Cannes Board do not think Netflix should get movies awards because it targets the TV set, not theater screen. They should listen to Hulu. The company has figured out you need to let the viewer decide what works for them.


CandW discuss SVOD, the MilleXZials, and Amazon leverage

March 22, 2018

There is a convergence between GenZ, GenX, and millennials SVOD viewing behavior. As well, they are probably watching on four screens. If they are Amazon Prime Video viewers, they are also spending a lot in the Amazon store.