CandW discuss the disc player demise and impact on broadband caps

April 5, 2018

The demise of Oppo Digital shows how far the market has moved away from physical video discs. However, the move is also pushing many dangerously close to their broadband data caps.


CandW discuss why Hulu knows something that the movie industry does not

March 29, 2018

Steven Spielberg and the Cannes Board do not think Netflix should get movies awards because it targets the TV set, not theater screen. They should listen to Hulu. The company has figured out you need to let the viewer decide what works for them.


CandW discuss SVOD, the MilleXZials, and Amazon leverage

March 22, 2018

There is a convergence between GenZ, GenX, and millennials SVOD viewing behavior. As well, they are probably watching on four screens. If they are Amazon Prime Video viewers, they are also spending a lot in the Amazon store.


CandW discuss cord-cutting’s acceleration and vMVPD’s impact

March 15, 2018

Cord-cutting accelerated dramatically in 2017. We look at new data that shows price is the reason. It also shows that vMVPDs, particularly YouTube TV, are enabling cord-cutting and benefiting from it.


CandW discuss free-trial conversions and the Oscars

March 8, 2018

New data shows the free-trial conversion rate to paying customer is unusually high. The Oscars audience slumped, seeming to reflect the general malaise of the industry.


CandW discuss if NBC reduced ad load will make a difference

March 1, 2018

NBC said it is going to reduce the number ads in commercial pods by 20%. It hopes to boost ad values to compensate by providing better targeting. Will it work, and will the reduced ad load win back audiences fleeing to ad-free SVOD?


CandW discuss Roku’s Q4 and HBO-Showtime OTT boost

February 22, 2018

Roku's second-ever quarterly announcement as a public company was a good one. We discuss how ads are beginning to drive the business. We also discuss how online is revitalizing old TV brands HBO and Showtime.


CandW discuss Netflix disabling TV ad revenue and YouTube TV

February 15, 2018

TV execs are worried about Netflix spoiling the TV ad model. They should be. The company has already taken billions of ad dollars off the table. YouTube TV added networks and boosted the price. Were these good moves?


CandW discuss the streaming Super Bowl and HBO Now’s explosive growth

February 8, 2018

The streaming Super Bowl was a mostly solid experience for the people that used it. 4 million streamed the game and few experienced any problems. HBO Now’s growth spurt in 2017, to 5 million subscribers, was impressive. Distribution partnerships seem to be the key. 


CandW discuss sports rights value to operators

February 1, 2018

Fox has picked up the broadcast rights to the NFL's Thursday night games. We discuss if the $3B five-year deal is worth it, and what the real value of professional sports is to operators.

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